Femme Fatales | Part V | Joni Mitchell

I'm resurrecting my 'Femme Fatales' series, just because I can.

So, Joni Mitchell.
I don't believe anything I write could express the amount of admiration and adoration I have for this woman and her music. You really just have to listen to her tunes and immerse yourself in her voice and lyrics to fully grasp the influence on me. Although she proves to be a little too judgemental for my liking, slating various heroes of mine, such as Bob Dylan, Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, she is never one to back down from her own opinion, and I quite like that. Although the free love and drug culture of the sixties has always intrigued me, her scepticism about that lifestyle leads me to believe that Joni's not one to bow easily to peer pressure. She's a beautiful individual who has been able to hold her ground and integrity as a solo female performer, and she's really just delightful.

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