Just gonna leave this here.
P.S I finished Freaks and Geeks and now my life is empty and sad. 
Time to re-watch Daria.


The Weekly Inspiration; Freaks, Geeks, 60s and Klimt

This week I met Geoffrey Rush, which was cool, and saw a really disturbing play about a high school shooting, which is always fun...
I also got really obsessed with Freaks and Geeks, a one-series wonder starring baby Seth Rogen, James Franco, Martin Starr and Jason Segel, among others. It just strikes me as a really real show, at the risk of sounding like a wanker, the sets/costumes/characters/dialogue all cut through all the hyper-stylization of most American T.V shows. So um, inspiration number one: Freaks And Geeks

I've completely overlooked the geek side of Freaks and Geeks in these photos but hey, being a freak myself I have more interest in them.
Also, album covers in the sixties were the best so y'know, inspiration numero two;

As a side note: HOW FUCKING GREAT WERE THE 60S? 

Anyhow, a couple years back I got a birthday card with this beautiful image on it, and I recently found it and stuck it above my desk, leading to my next inspiration; Gustav Klimt

Just. Ugh. Wow.
So that's it for the ~inspiration, enjoy xx
*Caps lock completely necessary.


Hiding in my room, safe within my womb. I touch no one and no one touches me.

So in my last post I promised an exhibition of my (freshly cleaned!) room, so here it is! I am eighteen minutes behind my dead-line but Jesus could have been tardy too and no-one seemed to mind, am I right? (blogging at twelve eighteen on a Saturday night; product of a positively thriving social life).

My (not so secure) method of saving for my looming trip to the U.K.

Went a bit mental when I first got my hot glue gun and decided flowers where the only way to decorate.


The Christmas tree lights that have been up for three consecutive summers...

The beginnings of a succulent garden on my balcony.

So there's my domain. Everything looks ridiculously pink in some of the photos, but I'm not sure if it's a bad thing or...? Anyhow, when decorating my room I draw inspiration from the following places;

Just as a side note, I also spend most of my time doing activities VERY similar to this in my room. Not keen on the greasy hair though, but pretty everything in this video makes up for it. Especially the gold laser gloves/headdress. Also;


Aaaand pretty much anything to do with Rookie magazine.

So that's it, I hope it wasn't too disappointing xx


Wasted Words, Already Been Heard

All my posts lately have just been a list of pictures and the like so I suppose I must do a text post to confirm that I may actually have some substance. Shock! Horror!
So ah, been pretty busy doing exceptionally well at school, topping every class and putting all philosophers/mathematicians/artists/historians/thespians/general human race to shame with my brilliance and taking part in other exceptionally time-consuming and worthy tasks. In actual fact I have been trapped under a substantial pile of clothes in my room for the past three days. Brill. And if I'm completely honest being trapped under clothes (which was a joke, if you hadn't quite cottoned on to my dull sense of humour) would have been a lot more stimulating than my past three days. NO, I LIE. I  SAW BATMAN. Apart from that though, yeah, what a stimulating pile of clothes. 
So unfortunately, due to ~lack of stimulation~ I really have nothing much of interest to report... ah... I'm cleaning my room? ACTUALLY when I'm finished I'll post some photos of my 'sanctuary' and you can judge me on the general clutter in my room. So tomorrow, make like a scout and Be Prepared. Oh, and the pictures dotted through this post are just there to make it look pretty.

P.S I actually know none of you care for my room but hey, I don't care that you don't :)

P.P.S I never use smiley faces (I do smile in real life, however) but ah I thought it was called for.

Roll over Beethoven

Seeing as music is the most exquisite thing on this strange planet, I figured I'd share some of my favourite artists:

"You've got the sun, the moon, and The Rolling Stones"

"A strange young man called Dylan, with a voice like sand and glue"

Jefferson Airplane

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

David Bowie

 Led Zeppelin

Simon and Garfunkel

Patti Smith

The Beatles

"And by the way, which one's Pink?

The Velvet Underground

The Doors

 The Mamas and The Papas

Joni Mitchell

Cat Stevens

Florence + The Machine