Wasted Words, Already Been Heard

All my posts lately have just been a list of pictures and the like so I suppose I must do a text post to confirm that I may actually have some substance. Shock! Horror!
So ah, been pretty busy doing exceptionally well at school, topping every class and putting all philosophers/mathematicians/artists/historians/thespians/general human race to shame with my brilliance and taking part in other exceptionally time-consuming and worthy tasks. In actual fact I have been trapped under a substantial pile of clothes in my room for the past three days. Brill. And if I'm completely honest being trapped under clothes (which was a joke, if you hadn't quite cottoned on to my dull sense of humour) would have been a lot more stimulating than my past three days. NO, I LIE. I  SAW BATMAN. Apart from that though, yeah, what a stimulating pile of clothes. 
So unfortunately, due to ~lack of stimulation~ I really have nothing much of interest to report... ah... I'm cleaning my room? ACTUALLY when I'm finished I'll post some photos of my 'sanctuary' and you can judge me on the general clutter in my room. So tomorrow, make like a scout and Be Prepared. Oh, and the pictures dotted through this post are just there to make it look pretty.

P.S I actually know none of you care for my room but hey, I don't care that you don't :)

P.P.S I never use smiley faces (I do smile in real life, however) but ah I thought it was called for.

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  1. You fuzzy little peach, I can't WAIT to see your room! :---) x