The Weekly Inspiration; Greasers and piercings

And here's where you discover how lazy I am.
I present to you the second ever weekly inspiration almost a week late. Solid effort. So this week I busted my gut over a drama assessment, watched five musicals in one sugar-packed Friday night with my main girl, Grace, and spent most of my allowance on fake flowers. I'm also in deep contemplation about if and where I want to punch holes in my body, so here's inspiration #1: Piercings

I (regrettably) watched Grease II this week and although I spend most of it cringing under a blanket, I watched enough to have Michelle Pfeiffer's character Stephanie remind me of a late seventies/early eighties Debbie Harry. This led to an extensive search of the Internet for Debbie Harry photos and a few tears shed over her beauty when I chanced upon this polariod taken by Andy Warhol;

I love the washed out colour scheme here, so this became the second inspiration:
And everything emptying into white...

Prior to cringing through Grease II, Grace and I watched the real deal (Grease) for the millionth time, as well as Cry Baby (Yes, minor orgasms where experienced due to Johnny Depp's nineties pout, greaser hairstyle and tight Levis).
So Inspiration numero tre: 1950s America (as depicted in movies)


I am in love with everything about the 'Beauty School Drop-out' (apart from the whole you can't be independent you're too young/a woman), the set, Frenchie's pink hair, her dress, the sparkly dresses and the guest appearance of Frankie Avalon as an angel just make my eyes scream. 

Glasses envy.

When I was little there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to be a T-Bird. Or at least a Pink Lady.

Cry Baby

Traci Lords is perfect.


Also this week I'm flipping between two books; The Twins At St. Clare's and The Time Machine. Both are by well known artists (Enid Blyton and H G Wells respectively) and are easy reads. I'm reading The Twins At St Clare's because it contains phrases such as "Don't be such a silly-Billy" and "What a jolly good sport", which is the source of much entertainment, and I'm reading The Time Machine because since Dr. Who wrapped up my life has been lacking a bit of good sci-fi. 
So, inspiration No. 4; The Twins and The Machine

So that's about it for this week's inspiration, I'll just leave you with a few images that caught my eye over the week xx

Tavi Gevinson for Oyster

Sharon Tate

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  1. Eehm, that's Virna Lisi, not Sharon Tate?