Femme Fatales | Part I | Anita Pallenberg

"Her name was Anita Pallenberg and no one ever seemed to know quite where she came from or who she was. When pressed, she would reveal that she was half Italian and half German and that she had worked as an actress with the Living Theatre. She had only to walk along the street to cause a string of traffic accidents. She had tumbling, shining blonde hair, a long, lithe body and wickedly beautiful cat’s eyes. She was no dumb blonde, either, and the combination of witty conversation and devastating looks rapidly turned her into the darling of aristocratic London."
- Text from Up And Down With The Rolling Stones
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Anita and Keith Richards on set of one of Anita's movie, Michael Kohlhaas - Der Rebell

"She knew everything and she could say it in five languages. She scared the pants off me."
- Keith Richards on his first encounter with Anita

Anita and Mick Jagger in Performance (1968)
"She was like no one anyone had ever met before, she was foriegn, exotic, very extrodinary looking. All the old school girls become redundent once Anita came along, they had to be more edgy and more fitting, and the ones that couldn't keep up got pushed aside, as I did." 
-Chrissie Shrimpton (ex-partner of Mick Jagger's) on Anita

"It was never easy, even in the early years, holding a straight conversation with Anita. She was brilliant; her mind was always racing and she would always be well ahead of you."
- Ian Stewart

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