April Come She Will

Well, wow, it's been a very long time. Almost six months to be exact. I'd like to report that I've been so very incredibly busy, but in actual fact all I've been doing is watching back to back episodes of Twin Peaks, Star Wars and drawing flowers all over my maths text book. Thug lyfe. I'm actually a little surprised people still wander over to this blog, seeing as I have 'quit' tumblr for the time being and I have no means to promote this here little page, let alone the neglect it's been facing. So I thank you all who still visit, very kind.

The undeniable Audrey Horne

My main man Hans (accompanied by shitty digital drawing ^-^) 

And do you know how hard it is to discuss this show with friends and family without completely giving away the fact that I'm in love with a fictional character who existed 23 years ago? Didn't think so.

 So aside from doing absolutely nothing, Christmas, New Year and now Easter have passed, with it my  seventeenth birthday and the best night of my life, which came in the form of a Paul Simon concert. If you are unaware of who Paul Simon is (seriously? come on.) just look upon this fresh-faced 60s pop folk outfit, Simon and Garfunkel (das 'im on da left). 

Although he is inevitably a little older now (okay, a lot older) his voice still has the same purity as it did in 1964, and his music still as buoyant and beautiful as on his landmark album, Graceland. The night was absolutely perfect, aside from a particularly crabby old man, I went with my absolute best friend Grace, right after a lovely Easter weekend were we spent camping in the valleys of NSW. He played many of his solo hits and the band was in such good form it was just lovely, but by the time he received his second (or was it third?) encore he declared "I've run out of things to play... I'm in the mood to play a bit of Simon and Garfunkel tonight..." the crowd was delighted, and he continued in his unassuming American drawl "well, we haven't really rehearsed these much, so let's just call it 'free jazz'". He ended up playing Homeward Bound, America, The Boxer (as a duet with Rufus Wainwright), Sounds of Silence and The Only Living Boy In New York, which brought me to tears, much to Grace's confused amusement. And I could swear that I had been transported back in time from that large, unforgiving stadium to Greenwich Village in the early sixties, watching a fragile Simon with his whole life ahead of him. It was so very, very beautiful.  

Anyhow, I had not intended to write a whole essay there, but there you go~ 
I've also been really into Bonnie and Clyde at the moment, and although I know it is bad to romanticize crime, particularly murder, but they just seemed so cool. But, on second thought, I realise that the media and legend have a lot more to do with my perception of them rather than their actual character... anyhow, famous Bonnie and Clydes;

On the left; Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty imortalise the gang in the 1967 film. On the right; Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg put a rock'n'roll spin on the young rebels.
And of course Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg's delicious homage to the apparently misunderstood pair.

Anyway, that's all folks, have a good night and I'm glad to be back xxx

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